The Rising Tide features lead vocalist/singer songwriter Jah Sun, Tony Thompson on guitar, Beau ” Arrow” Sheppard on bass/harmonies, Nick “Kirbz” Kirby on drums/harmonies, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Jallanzo “Dub MatriXx.”

From the heart of Humboldt County, California, where the redwoods meet the Pacific, lead vocalist Jah Sun emerges as an artist dedicated to global and social healing. Fusing the sounds of hip-hop, reggae and world music with conscious and uplifting lyrics, he hopes to awaken the human spirit and inspire others to live to their ultimate potential. Jah Sun brings his message of love and unity with a variety of vocal styles. From fierce hip-hop explosions, to melodic ballads, roots anthems and sensual dance-hall licks, he brings something for everyone. Regardless of style, the common theme throughout all of his music is the consistent message of positivity, love and respect, and kindness to all.

Jah’s vocals are supported by guitarist Tony Thompson who was raised in Portland, Oregon. Thompson grew up with a love for music. His dad began teaching him drums when he was 5 and from then on he knew music was to play a pivotal role in his life. He was 18 when he started really playing guitar and developing his stills in that realm. Music has always been there and guided him through the highest highs and the lowest lows. It is his goal that through music, he will be able to positively affect listeners in the same way that it has served him.

On bass and harmonies is Beau “Arrow” Sheppard. Growing up in the Southern California surf scene, Arrow was nurtured by a musical culture. With early sonic influences like Bob Marley and the Wailers, Paul Simon, Devo, and Fleetwood Mac, he discovered a passion for rhythm, harmony, and beat. Applying this to his singing and playing, he succeeds in conveying joy for
life, while flowing like the ocean.

Rounding out the band on drums and harmonies is Nick “Kirbz” Kirby who comes from the small town of Oakland, Oregon. Kirbz has been playing music since he was 2 years old. If he’s not playing drums, he’s playing bass, guitar, or he is in the studio engineering. Kirbz has learned that playing and performing music does something internally for each and every person out
there in a positive way. Music has gotten him through many obstacles in life, and therefore, music is his passion.

Joining this kindred group of West Coast musicians is producer and multi-instrumentalist Jallanzo. Born and raised in St. Catherine, Jamaica, he has shared the stage and studio with reggae legends and upcoming artists all over the globe. Jallanzo is especially known for his psychedelic dub sound. In Jallanzo’s live dub set, stems are used from his original productions of authentic roots reggae music and infused with pulsating drum and bass, melodious rhythm and vocals splashed with echoes and reverb, from an analog mixing board. Dub MatriXx collaborates with artists and musicians intending to spread the message of love, creating
uplifting surroundings worldwide.

Combined, these musicians form Jah and The Rising Tide. Through their music, these artists
are spreading waves of positivity, love, respect, and kindness to all.


“Funk ’em, just 2 C the look on their face”
Joe Keyes and The Late Bloomer Band are bringing the healing power of music to the nations with full honor and respect to the great creators who brought this music to Joe.
Joe Keyes & The Late Bloomer Band
Band Members
Joe Keyes – Founder/ Lead Singer/ Vocal Vibeologist
Rhythm Section
Brandon Davie – Drums
Brett Noels – Percussion
Olavi Takala – Keyboards
Joe Vincent – Bass Guitar
Marshall Veth – Guitar
Zach Yamin – Guitar
Horn Section
Melanie Brown – Alto Sax
Zach Reynolds – Tenor Sax / Flute
John McCahey – Trombone
Jay Fenner – Tenor Sax

essie + nap

essie + nap are an American Indie duo based in Philadelphia. The duo is comprised of vocalist Essie Riddle and guitar/bassist/vocalist, Andrew Napoli. The two are members of the Philly band Looseleaf and began writing together during the peak of the pandemic in 2020.

The duo’s debut single ‘Loneliness’ has been well received in a short amount of time. The music video for ‘Loneliness’ shows the juxtaposition of separation and connection we’ve all been searching for this past year. Director of the film, Kyle Sparkman, cleverly symbolized connection with a rope and tin can. The red string and metallic tin can show how even though the characters are never in frame together they find a way to connect.

John and Peter’s Presents: Eddie Pepitone w/ JT Habersaat



Doors: 7:00 pm

Showtime: 8:00pm


Eddie Pepitone
Eddie is a force of nature on stage, switching between social rage and self-doubt. His shows are an energetic combo of calm and chaos, blue-collar angst and sardonic enlightenment. Fans will recognize Eddie from appearances on such programs as ‘Rick and Morty’, Bob’s Burgers’, ‘Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell’ and many more, with Pepitone’s 2020 special ‘For The Masses’ earning ‘best comedy special of the year’ by the New York Times. Few comedians working today channel the power of the rant better than Eddie Pepitone, aka ‘The Bitter Buddha’.

JT Habersaat
Deemed the ‘Godfather of Punk Rock Comedy’ by ‘Chicago Now’, JT Habersaat has headlined the groundbreaking Altercation Comedy Tour for over a decade. Recently named one of the Interrobang’s ‘Next Big Thing Comics’, JT currently hosts the twice-monthly livestream talk show ‘The Road Live’ for the Next Week Rocks platform, which has featured guests such as Brian Posehn, Doug Stanhope, Kyle Kinane, Joanna Angel, Chad Daniels, Lydia Lunch and dozens more; JT also curates the annual Altercation Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas, recently deemed ‘one of the best festivals in the world’ by Vulture.com / New York Magazine. JT has three releases available on the Grammy-winning imprint Stand Up! Records, and will tape his new special in 2021 for 800 Pound Gorilla Records / Warner Music Group.





Mike DiAlto has been preforming all over the U.S. for the last 11 years as well as producing his long running show at John and Peter’s in New Hope, PA  for the last 9 years. His energy on stage pulls audiences right into the mayhem that is his life. Whether it’s stories about his family, his daughter, or his random thoughts on the planet that we call home, Mike will reel you in and take you for a ride.