John and Peter’s Presents: Eddie Pepitone w/ JT Habersaat

Eddie Pepitone
Eddie is a force of nature on stage, switching between social rage and self-doubt. His shows are an energetic combo of calm and chaos, blue-collar angst and sardonic enlightenment. Fans will recognize Eddie from appearances on such programs as ‘Rick and Morty’, Bob’s Burgers’, ‘Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell’ and many more, with Pepitone’s 2020 special ‘For The Masses’ earning ‘best comedy special of the year’ by the New York Times. Few comedians working today channel the power of the rant better than Eddie Pepitone, aka ‘The Bitter Buddha’.

JT Habersaat
Deemed the ‘Godfather of Punk Rock Comedy’ by ‘Chicago Now’, JT Habersaat has headlined the groundbreaking Altercation Comedy Tour for over a decade. Recently named one of the Interrobang’s ‘Next Big Thing Comics’, JT currently hosts the twice-monthly livestream talk show ‘The Road Live’ for the Next Week Rocks platform, which has featured guests such as Brian Posehn, Doug Stanhope, Kyle Kinane, Joanna Angel, Chad Daniels, Lydia Lunch and dozens more; JT also curates the annual Altercation Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas, recently deemed ‘one of the best festivals in the world’ by / New York Magazine. JT has three releases available on the Grammy-winning imprint Stand Up! Records, and will tape his new special in 2021 for 800 Pound Gorilla Records / Warner Music Group.


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Doors: 7:00 pm

Showtime: 8:00pm





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Mike DiAlto has been preforming all over the U.S. for the last 14 years as well as producing his long running show at John and Peter’s in New Hope, PA  for the last 12 years. His 2019 album “Mike DiAlto, Live at John and Peter’s”  made it to the top of the iTunes and Amazon charts. He has been featured in the Altercation Comedy Festival ’21,




With melodic, slightly off-kilter tunes and a subtle, understated musicality, Fellaheen carves out a lyrical mix of sit-down indie rock n roll, scratchy blues, and downbeat jazz, informed with a murky existential wit. Upright bass, clink-clank drums, and guitars both sublime and ridiculous intersect to create an unique and invigorating listening experience.
Fellaheen’s 2014 album release, You Either Get Hands or Get Wings, received widespread critical acclaim and extensive airplay on adult-album-alternative stations across the US, Canada, and Europe. The band’s previous release, Death & Frolic, released in 2012, won the band a whole new legion of fans and brought with it increased exposure and airplay worldwide for Fellaheen.
Tim Merricks at AmericanaUK writes that “Fellaheen continues to knock out downbeat existential blues fused with surreal jazz held together with whiskey-soaked gypsy hellfire lyrics to die young to. This is how it’s supposed to be, all ye pretenders to the throne. It’s a rare treat to hear raw, soulful, alt-country sound so original and pleasantly beat-up when produced this way.”
Joe Wawyrnizak at Jersey Beat Magazine further notes, “You just gotta admire the ambition, ingenuity and imagination at work…. [Fellaheen] skillfully blends elements of moody jazz, gritty blues, and melodic alternative rock into a fresh, compelling and harmonic synthesis. The cool, raspy vocals likewise hit the soulful spot. Ditto the quirky, yet incisive lyrics. Best of all, there’s a hypnotic smoky atmosphere evident throughout which adds immensely to the overall sonic richness of this excellent and inspired oddball project.”
A Brief Biographical Q & A with Fellaheen
Q: What’s the band name mean?
A: It’s an Arabic term for peasant farmers. Philosophically (or so said Oswald Spengler in The Decline of the West), “fellaheen” refers to the great mass of peasants who adapt and survive from one civilization to the next without becoming part of any, thus remaining separate from the great movements of history. [Cue: crickets chirping]
Q: What’s the band sound like?
A: A lyrical mix of sit-down alt rock ‘n’ roll, scratchy blues, Americana-rama, and downbeat jazz informed with a murky existential wit.
Q: Right. What’s the band sound like?
A: OK. Let’s say: comparable to the likes of Tom Waits, Wilco, the Velvet Underground, and Kurt Weill if we’re lucky. More deeply-rooted influences include Beggars Banquet-era Stones, the Beatles, Captain Beefheart, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen, and Mose Allison. The lyrical approach is borne out of a head space created in part by the works of Walter Benjamin, Susan Sontag, Cornel West, Mad Magazine, Flannery O’Connor, Roberto Clemente, Jack Kerouac, George Carlin, Rainer Maria Rilke, Thomas Pynchon, Madeline Kahn, Bugs Bunny, Haruki Murakami, moderately-priced red wine, insomnia, and Dante Aligheri, along with the movies of Vittorio De Sica, Jim Jarmusch, John Sayles, and Wim Wenders.
Q: Seriously?
A: Yep. That was written with a completely straight face. But please feel free to arrive at your own conclusions.
Q: Who writes the songs and sweeps up after everyone’s gone home?
A: Bruce Hanson, a somewhat-grizzled 40-something-year-old musician born in Chicago and raised in New Jersey. He specializes in writing slightly off-kilter original songs about shady characters, particle physics, love n hate, and works of art in the age of mechanical reproduction, as well as moderately-amusing self interviews. And the rest, as they say, is mystery.
Q: I see. And who’s in the band?
A: Its a fairly loose, somewhat anarchic collective, but joining Bruce in Fellaheen is some combination of the following folks: Joe Borthwick (upright bassist, vocals), Kerry Watson (drums), Joe Wagner (lead guitar), David Evan (lead guitar); Nick Sullivan (bass), Ben Dumbauld (accordion, percussion) and Kaveh Haghtalab (drums, percussion). Other friends contribute when they can.
Q: Oh look … my rides here. One last thing what are the bands goals?
A: For you to listen to our music, maybe get a song or two in a movie in the scene right after the murder, and for you to come on out to see us play live. Oh, and world peace.


Native to Trenton NJ and current resident of Philadelphia PA, Timi Hendrixx is best known for his unique renditions of the classic rock we all love by taking a blues driven approach to his guitar playing and vocals. He is an old soul and has been playing music for the majority of his 31 years on earth. Music is his life and his love for it doesn’t stop at the oldies or Blues, he is also very passionate about Jazz, Reggae and many other styles of music. His skills are not limited to guitar, he dabbles in percussion instruments such as drums and piano but also has spent time as a professional DJ for large and private events.
Tim attended Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania and received an Associates of arts in Music Education (Jazz Guitar). He is an extremely knowledgeable, patient and caring teacher to his students of all ages. Previously lead guitarist in the band Grandpas Secret Medicine, they were the winner of the 2005 Bucks County Battle of the Bands sponsored by MTV/ Tama / Ibanez. Throughout the years he has also played a few times at the River Roots Festival at Snipes Farm in Morrisville PA and has also headlined the 6th annual Jazz Festival for The Michael Sherlock Foundation where he was accompanied by Robert Randolph’s family band. He has also played at large venues in Philadelphia such as The Trocadero and World Café Live with his band and has opened as a DJ for world famous European Dj’s such as Cazzette and Makus Schulz at clubs in Philadelphia such as NOTO and Xfinity Live.
Outside of music, Tim loves spending his time outdoors, working with his hands and being with his family. Whether he’s playing acoustic guitar alone or as a duo tenderly for a crowd or if he’s rocking out on his electric guitar with his band, he is incredibly captivating to the ears, eyes and soul. His love and passion for music ring with every note he plays and sings.