Atomic Sky is an original indie/alt. rock band from the Philly burbs former in 2008. We perform in Philly (JC Dobbs (RIP), The Fire, Kung Fu Necktie, The Grape Room, Voltage Lounge, Connies Ric Rac, etc.), New Hope’s Jon & Peters, Asbury Park’s The Saint, and New York City (Pianos, Kenny’s Castaways (RIP), Arlene’s Grocery, Cutting Room, etc.). We welcome the opportunity to perform anywhere between Philly and NYC at venues that appreciate live original music delivered professionally with passion. We write and perform all of our songs – with an occasional cover placed into the set every so many shows. Our influence is based in the dark wave genre coupled with elements from U2, The Cure, Joy Division, and Smashing Pumpkins.
Our History: Founding members are Jeff Unger, Dan Leason and Brad Maurer (all formerly from After the Fall). Mike Monroe took the original vocal lead until 2018 when that role was assumed by Rick Miller. Dan Leason, the original bassist, resigned to move down south and his shoes have been filled by Wayne Gladysz and Jino Arielly. We are excited to have Erin Dougherty as our new bassist who brings not only a rock solid baseline, but also fills out our sound with vocal harmonies.


Founded in 2010, The Royal Noise is GNARLY FUNK defined. Their music is reminiscent of Herbie Hancock and Lettuce, with the dance/jam sensibilities of such acts as Umphrey’s McGee and Phish.

“one of the best funk acts to emerge from the East Coast in a long while” – Simon Eddie, HOMEGROWN MUSIC NETWORK

“the whole damn band is a pack of rhythm devils … a clear case of a half-dozen souls consumed by percussion poltergeists, and there are only two things they could have done: call an exorcist or form a kick-ass jazz/funk band. Fortunately for us, The Royal Noise gave in to the beat beast and did the latter.” – Brian Robbins, JAMBANDS.COM

“The finest jazz/funk quartet in town… Whatever you choose to call it, jazz, rock or funk, the Royal Noise makes instrumental music that moves like heavy machinery light on its feet. It’s musical perpetual motion… the songs metamorphose right before your eyes and ears”
– Bill Deyoung, Noteworthy

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To know Joe is to love Joe.
We love Joe Rose. A local artist and talent, a fixture from our little town. Joe is always there, always willing to help. You ask and he’s there. Always supporting, and he does it willingly.
Now it’s our turn to show Joe how much we love and value him. He’s part of the family and not that he’d ever ask, but I’m willing to bet, he could use some of our love right now.
Please consider attending this benefit for such a great person and if you can’t make it, any contribution will be welcome. This GoFundMe goes directly to Joe…
Live music will be provided by:

Bill and Fred’s Excellent Adventure

Jonah and Friends
Featuring Sarah Essie Riddle and Calla Bere and the Attitude

The Mixxtape