Jonah Tolchin**Tyler James Kelly

Jonah Tolchin and his band (Nic Coolidge + Michael Bosco) will play at the legendary venue John & Peters with support from Tyler James Kelly (formerly of The Silks) on June 9th 2024 sometime around 8:30 pm.
There will be some kind of cover at the door probably around $10 (TBD). It’s going to be a good time, and there’s not a lot of seats so show up early if you want to get a good spot!

Dave Hause


Dave Hause’s songs have always been rooted in tangible reality—of emotion, of environment, of circumstance. Since releasing his debut album, Resolutions, in 2011, the Philadelphia-born songwriter has poured his whole heart, soul and life into his music. That’s no different on Drive It Like It’s Stolen, his sixth full-length. Its 10 songs overflow with Hause’s trademark urgency and passion, shimmering with a truth that reflects the harsh realities of life in this day and age, as well the intermittent jolts of joy that punctuate it.

John Gallagher Jr.


“John Gallagher Jr. and his band

celebrate the release of his new album

“Goodbye or Something”

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and celebrated actor John Gallagher Jr. will release his third album, the confessional, cathartic and emotionally charged Goodbye or Something on June 28 via Grand Phony Music.  Gallagher’s most personal and profound LP to date, Goodbye or Something is a heart-wrenching and sometimes humorous reflection on lost love and the power of music, familial bonds and a good meal to see us through. Taking inspiration from Prine, Costello, Springsteen, Westerberg and Schlesinger, Gallagher’s music is raw, honest, and heartfelt.

Join John as he celebrates the release of his new album, “Goodbye or Something” Aug 9th, at John and Peter’s in New Hope, PA.

JnP’s Comedy Presents: Noah Savage and Alyssa Wolff

Alyssa Wolff:

is a writer and stand up comedian based in New York.She likes pizza, wine and naps – not necessarily in that order.

Noah Savage:

is a broadcaster who covers college basketball for ESPN, ESPN +, and The Ivy League.

For the past ten seasons, Noah Savage has been covering Princeton men’s basketball as their color commentator. He also broadcasts high school basketball on television and radio. He makes frequent appearances on ESPN +, ESPN U, The Ivy League Network, ESPN 3, Fios, and 103.3 WPRB. He has also appeared on 660 AM WFAN Sports Radio. In addition, he has performed stand up comedy in New York City for the past eight years.

For the past decade Noah has performed around NYC and performed at the NY Fringe Festival and Brooklyn comedy festival. He runs a show called “Savage von Wolff” with his much funnier and prettier wife Alyssa Wolff.

JnP’s Comedy Presents: Tom Rhodes

POSTPONED! Tom will be back in the fall!

Tom Rhodes is a world traveling comedian who is now celebrating his 30th year as a stand up comedian. The New York Times describes him as “A mostly natural intellect with a knack for reporting the harsh realities of life with a dark and absurdly optimistic cynicism.”

An adventurer forging his own path, Rhodes has built a career that not only includes stand-up specials, a sitcom, a travel show, a late night talk show, numerous live CD’s & DVD’s, his critically acclaimed podcast Tom Rhodes Radio, as well as being a travel writer for the Huffington Post.

His latest TV appearances were Comedy Bang BangDave Attell’s Comedy UndergroundSullivan & Sons and you can catch him on episodes of @midnight.

Fresh from releasing his new hour special Light Sweet Crude on Netflix, Rhodes has had a long raucous career covering every corner of the globe. In 2012 Rhodes was featured in the Showtime stand-up series, Live From Amsterdam. His three half hour stand-up specials include two Comedy Central Presents… (2009 & 2001) and Raw, recorded in Stockholm for Swedish television (2009). He had his own sitcom television show on NBC called Mr. Rhodes (1996 – 1997), his own late night talk show on Dutch television Kevin Masters starring Tom Rhodes (2002 – 2003), and traveled the world as a TV presenter on the Dutch travel program Yorin Travel (2004).

His latest LIVE recording as a double CD Colossus of Me released in 2012. In 2009 named his DVD Rhode Scholar the Number One Comedy DVD of 2009. As a featured travel writer for Huffington Post his travel story “A Tragedy, A Miracle And A Brawl…Welcome to Ireland” got awarded by the Huffington Post one of the Top 10 Best Travel Stories of 2011. His podcast Tom Rhodes Radio was named one of the Top 10 of Best Podcasts of 2011 by and was praised as the best newcomer in The Onion‘s AV Club (December 2012). Since 2013 Tom Rhodes Radio joined Bill Burr’s & Al Madrigal’s All Things Comedy Network. Tom has been a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience (#248, 364, 420 & 500), The Adam Corolla Show, Marc Maron’s WTF, Aisha Tyler’s Girl On GuyLondon RealThe Artie Lange ShowRon & Fez Show, and NPR Snap Judgment.


William Elliott Whitmore


Born and raised on a small farm in Lee County Iowa, a love of the land has always been an important part of William Elliott Whitmore’s life. An appreciation for nature and its cycles being taught from an early age. That awareness of birth and death is a constant theme in the songwriting, through a lens of hopefulness and acceptance. These things unify us as people, a theme that is often explored in the music. With a banjo, guitar and kick drum, Whitmore seeks to convey these ideas. For over twenty years he has traveled the world, performing everywhere from Rome, Italy to Rome, Georgia. He’s played basements, backyards, festival stages, and Carnegie Hall, and has no plans to stop anytime soon. “Life is hard, nasty, and unforgiving at times”, Whitmore says, “but it’s beautiful too, and music can be a reminder of what we all have in common, a desire to keep putting one foot in front of the other.”


Featuring two of Connecticut’s hardest working musicians, P(x3) was founded by drummer Rob Madore and keyboardist/saxophonist Isaac Young. The duo pushes the boundaries of modern dance music, funk, hip-hop, and more in a fully improvised setting. Both Madore and Young have a deep intrinsic connection on stage that sometimes represents a two-headed musical beast bringing a mind-bending live show that has left audiences slack-jawed and awestruck. Both musicians have carved a name for themselves in the regional and national music scene and are now taking their collaborative efforts to a new level. Their latest release, “Piano Percussion Planet” features guitarist, Thomas Xavier Kenney of the band Doom Flamingo — an album that further showcases the diverse musical prowess of this dynamic outfit.