Suffacox (mach 2) is a pure rock band of the highest order, expounding on the traditions and mindfulness of the mid-90’s tour de force of rock and fun, Suffacox (led by the late & legendary Wayne Hamilton). Since this group (with the three original members) has taken on a new form (with Wayne and his awesomeness not with us anymore – at least not physically, as far as we know), we added “(mach 2)” to the original name.

Soak in the riffs-a-plenty from creamy dual guitars backed by a steady wall of rhythmic delight, with two fabulously unique voices swimming through it all, as Suffacox (mach2) relay the tales, trials, tribulations, oneness and grooviness of life, beautifully. Not just their lives – but yours too!

You shall enjoy this garage-y, poppy, syrupy, always rock and rolly radness produced by five of the coolest + funn(i)est people this side of the Mississippi. And do not be the one who doesn’t venture out to see Suffacox (mach2) live if you have the opportunity to do so. Seriously. Don’t be the one.

Born on Earth. Now living on Earth. Hope to die in space.


The Honey Badgers are a Delaware based folk/Americana duo who combine crisp harmonies and thoughtful lyrics with upbeat guitar lines and lively violin to create a sound that is satisfying, authentic, and fun.

Married folk duo from Newark, Delaware, comprised of Erin Magnin and Michael Natrin.

Winners 2012 Delmarva Folk Hero Contest, 2012 University of Delaware Battle of the Bands, 2012 WSTW Homey Award for Best Collaboration, 2011 “Delaware’s Got Talent” Competition