“Funk ’em, just 2 C the look on their face”
Joe Keyes and The Late Bloomer Band are bringing the healing power of music to the nations with full honor and respect to the great creators who brought this music to Joe.
Joe Keyes & The Late Bloomer Band
Band Members
Joe Keyes – Founder/ Lead Singer/ Vocal Vibeologist
Rhythm Section
Brandon Davie – Drums
Brett Noels – Percussion
Olavi Takala – Keyboards
Joe Vincent – Bass Guitar
Marshall Veth – Guitar
Zach Yamin – Guitar
Horn Section
Melanie Brown – Alto Sax
Zach Reynolds – Tenor Sax / Flute
John McCahey – Trombone
Jay Fenner – Tenor Sax

essie + nap

essie + nap are an American Indie duo based in Philadelphia. The duo is comprised of vocalist Essie Riddle and guitar/bassist/vocalist, Andrew Napoli. The two are members of the Philly band Looseleaf and began writing together during the peak of the pandemic in 2020.


The duo’s debut single ‘Loneliness’ has been well received in a short amount of time. The music video for ‘Loneliness’ shows the juxtaposition of separation and connection we’ve all been searching for this past year. Director of the film, Kyle Sparkman, cleverly symbolized connection with a rope and tin can. The red string and metallic tin can show how even though the characters are never in frame together they find a way to connect.