The Chandler Travis Three-o, like most things in life, started by mistake, as a result of Chandler having a hard time finding rooms large enough to house his nine-piece Chandler Travis Philharmonic. In 2009 or so, a couple of small, friendly bars opened on Cape Cod (the first being the Harvest Wine Gallery in Dennis) that asked Chandler about doing something with just another person or two, which wasn’t at all the direction he’d been going in.

These offers coincided happily with the arrivals in the Philharmonic of string bassist John Clark and jack of all trades (but especially saxophonist, keyboardist, and clarinetist) Berke McKelvey. Chandler had dabbled in smaller formats before, but in Clark and McKelvey he suddenly had two extremely talented and enthusiastic players who shared his passion for detailing, arranging, and rehearsing. Both played beautifully on his recent solo album, 2009’s well received “After She Left“, which turned out to be sort of a petri dish version of the live group to come, and with the frequent addition of vocalist and longtime supporter Fred Boak, aka The Valet (for what good is a Three-o with only three people?), the Three-o was born.

At least two unexpected surprises followed: it gradually became evident that the Three-o could play just about anything the full version of the band could play, once they put in the time to adjust the arrangements, plus a few things it couldn’t; and it immediately became evident that audiences responded to the tighter focus in a delightful way, clearly picking up on the songwriting, which has always been at the heart of the matter in all of Chandler’s bands, in a way they didn’t when confronted with all the many distinctive personalities and riotous pageantry of the full CTP or the hell-bent-on-filling-the-dance-floor high energy of his other band, the Incredible Casuals. The vast simplification seemed to engage people in a disarming and unassuming way, quieter and more direct. Lo and behold: it was dug!


Black Cat Habitat is a soulful and shamelessly melodic original indie pop/rock band led by singer-songwriter Rachel McCullough. Rachel’s bittersweet songs about love, longing and finding your own habitat are dressed up in upbeat tunes with a swipe of black eyeliner. Songs like “Ambushed”, “Broke My Heart,” and “Light Shines On,” have her vocals described as “captivating” and “wickedly sweet.”


THE REAL FUGITIVES, an original rock n’ roll band from the Philadelphia area, is made up of a group of like minded musicians with diverse and varied expertise, gained through many years of live and studio performance. The band has one major purpose: To bring positive and powerful energy to every performance that will pull the audience into the heart of the show, and to make everyone present part of THE REAL FUGITIVES experience!

The Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist is LARRY FELDMAN. He is also the band’s founder and songwriter. Larry’s convincingly soulful vocal style and delivery add to the unique and original sound of the band. His driving guitar style and sound help to propel performances to incredible levels of excitement. His stage presence is always commanding and compelling.

Laying down the Bass riffs that form the band’s solid, unbreakable foundation is LARRY BEANER, whose instrumental prowess is only surpassed by his unique style and creativity. To hear his bass riffs is to take an amazing journey to unexpected musical destinations. To see him live is to witness pure passion and unbridled energy.

DAVE KENNEDY provides a straight ahead, dynamic drumming style that contributes the finishing touches to the band’s foundation. He also adds additional percussive flavorings to the songs, as well as backing vocals. Having played in several bands with Larry Beaner prior to their REAL FUGITIVES Experience, they combine forces to deliver a one-two punch that never fails to impress.

EL FAIRWORTH is the band’s Lead Guitarist extraordinaire, whose style is reminiscent of the great guitarists of 60’s and 70’s rock n’ roll. His style is tight and steady when contributing to the band’s rhythmic foundation. When he steps up to play lead, the result is nothing short of thunder and lightning. His confidence is evident in his seemingly effortless performances, as his many years on stage come to fruition with each show. Along with Dave, he helps to provide the band’s signature backing vocal style and sound.

SAM MURRAY, a truly powerful and versatile musician, is the band’s resident Sax player. Coming from a solid background of jazz and improvisational music performances and collaborations with many well known musicians, he is equally adept at delivering extra muscle and additional versatility to the band’s rock n’ roll presentations.

Always in command, THE REAL FUGITIVES deliver dynamic and unforgettable performances, whether it be through live or studio presentation. With a well-balanced blend of original and carefully selected cover tunes, this group of musicians is able to connect with any audience that craves Classic Rock n’ Roll. Listen for yourself, or better yet, come to a live performance. Become part of THE REAL FUGITIVES Experience!


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Trio of Madness.
Liz Gonzalez, Nick Charles, and Mike Wojik.
Original, progressive instrumental surf weirdness.
Some factoids….
Formed in 1993, Trio is currently booking their “20 years???, Get Us Off This Planet!” tour.
Their use of odd time signatures and strange chords have been known to cause strippers to have headaches.
It was once stated by Nikola Tesla that “Trio Of Madness will be my favourite band in the future”.
Bruce Springsteen once said about Trio; “Who’s that?”
Trio was once banned from the Court Tavern for excessive smoke from a malfunctioning fog machine.
Trio is still the biggest selling band in the Pleiades.
One of the band members helped build Stonehenge.
The band originally had a lead singer, who disappeared mysteriously in 1993, and hasn’t been seen since.
Trio Of Madness t-shirts were found on Mars by the Mars Rovers.
One member of the band hid his true identity by playing in hair-metal bands in the 80’s.
All three members speak fluent Vulcan.
The band wrote the rhythm for their song “Deadly Fumes” by rolling a drumset down a spiral staircase.
And in a bizarre twist, every victim of Alien Abduction has subsequently become a Trio fan.
Go figure…


Mike Montrey Band is the sound where Americana, Folk and Rock ‘n Roll come together to be sung by a true singer songwriter. MMB released their new album John Street on January 26th 2018. The album was produced by Grammy-winner Jim Scott, who has put his tasteful sonic stamp on releases by Wilco, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Santana, and Tedeschi Trucks Band, to name a few. Aquarian Weekly says, “The choruses click like magic” and NJ Stage calls it “A Masterpiece.”

John Street was recorded at the famed PLYRZ studio with legendary keyboard player John Ginty, who is known for his soulful, energetic performances with Dixie Chicks, Citizen Cope, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, and others. Ginty is particularly well-loved for his Hammond B-3 organ skills, which are a refreshing addition to performances by band members Mike Montrey (guitars/vocals), Anthony Duca (bass), Rob Smith (drums), and Jen Augustine (vocals).

Song by Song by Song (2014), peaked at #9 on the Relix Radio Charts in May 2014. Each song was crafted individually and subsequently released as a single, some with an accompanying video, all over the course of 15 months. This production strategy allowed the project to take on a life of its own, and over a year’s worth of life experience can be found reflected in this album. Despite being released individually, the tracks sound as if they were written and recorded together, and the album flows from beginning to end. Song By Song By Song was produced in six different studios, across three states, with help from Grammy-Award winning engineer Carter William Humphrey (Rod Stewart, Dr. Dre), and Grammy-Award winning producer Hod David (Maxwell).

2011 saw the recording of the critically acclaimed, Weaving the Basket. The double disc was recorded live at Retromedia Studios in Red Bank, NJ, and prompted the Aquarian Weekly to shout: “Weaving The Basket rocks, it is spontaneous and dynamic. The songs are true works of art, gems in the rough that have been presented to the listener for their own individual interpretation of value”


Montrey’s professional music career began in 2001, with the formation of the eclectic rock band, …water… Acting as chief songwriter and vocalist/guitarist, Montrey led the five-piece into garnering a regional cult following and very rewarding press. After releasing their second studio LP, 2003’s “Dig”, New Jersey’s Gannett Publications stated, “This band could represent rock’s past, present and future”, while the renowned tri-state music publication Upstage Magazine pronounced Montrey as “one of the scene’s most commanding frontmen and inventive guitarists.”

In 2007, after countless …water… performances at markets such as SXSW (Austin, TX), The Knitting Factory (NYC), Musikfest (Bethlehem, PA), The Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ) and The Stone Pony (Asbury Park, NJ), Montrey was invited to tour nationally as a member of epic rock band The Samples, who’d been touring for 19 years and had shared stages with Dave Matthews Band, Sting and Phish, among many other heavy hitters. Montrey continues to perform with the legendary Samples at such venues as House of Blues (Dallas and Atlantic City), Tipitina’s (New Orleans), Red Rocks Amphitheater (Morrison, CO) and The Highline Ballroom (NYC).

2008 saw Montrey collect his considerable experience and prowess to complete the debut solo album, “A Perfect Reality”, consisting of 11 original Montrey compositions ranging from rock to country to experimental soundscapes. The album features fellow Samples and MMB member Karl Dietel on keyboards, as well as a slew of talented guests. Grammy Award-winner Mike Tarsia (Patti LaBelle, Joe Pass, Billy Preston) acted as engineer and co-producer. Within months of its release in April 2008, the album debuted at #29 on the radio charts. The single “Take Me Down Mississippi” was featured as a track of the week, and “Tin Can” was a Relix Magazine Jam Off! selection. Montrey celebrated the release with a performance at a packed Sullivan Hall in NYC.

“A Perfect Reality” has enjoyed a nomination for Top Release of 2008 by the Asbury Music Awards.

Montrey soon formed the nexus of what would become The MMB. Following their inception, The College of New Jersey’s weekly publication, The Signal, spoke of their live show: “The audience sat mesmerized by the explosive energy of the music and the enthusiasm and passion of the band members.” Following suit, Relix Magazine published a feature about the band that November.
On January 1, 2011 at Quixote’s True Blue in Denver, CO Montrey received the esteemed honor of being asked to be the guitarist for the Everyone Orchestra. That night he joined Steve Molitz (Particle, Phil Lesh and Friends), Dave Watts (Motet), Garrett Sayers (Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Motet), Wally Ingram (Stockholm Syndrome) and others under the conducting wizardry of Matt Butler.
The current line-up and manic tour schedule of MMB, propelled by the achievements and industry recognition afforded to Montrey during his young yet lustrous career, is sure to catapult these talented musicians to the summit of distinction. Come and see what all the fuss is about.


Bill & Fred’s Excellent Adventure is two guys from a band called Spitune doing their version of a rock and roll acoustic duet. Bill Fowler – Acoustic Guitar/Vocals Fred Moore – Acoustic Guitar/Vocals They do both covers and originals. The covers range from Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Doobie Brothers, Simon & Garfunkle, Jethro Tull, David Bowie, Willie Nelson, and Frank Zappa. Just to name a few. They have also been described as a comedy act. Technically not true but when these dudes get going the comedy just kind of happens. It usually involves audience members in some way. Plus you never know who will sit in or be playing with them. Our friend Tomato has an open invitation and is the 3rd “Official/Unofficial” member of the band. Basically anything can happen at a Bill & Fred show. Everyone always has an EXCELLENT time! Come check them out!


Fahrenheit is a rock band that formed in November 2016, consisting of Andrew DiFebbo on bass and vocals, Brendan King on drums and vocals, David Koster on guitar, keyboard, and vocals, and Brendan O’Neill on guitar. Based in Yardley, PA, Fahrenheit is influenced by classic rock bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, and Eric Clapton. With their energetic performances, Fahrenheit aims to bring back classic rock music that you know and love from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and beyond!