SpiTune is a group of overaged children playing their own twisted brand of Rock and Roll and Americana (whatever the @*& THAT is), consisting of an assortment of originally twisted songs written by a bunch of guys who are definitely old enough to know better.

SpiTune is available for gigs in the Greater Philadelphia market. Also, in the Not-So-Greater Philadelphia market. Including but not limited to New Jersey, New York and New England. I mean, it’d have to pay pretty well to get us to drive too far. Plus, we’d need time to notify certain authorities and make arrangements and what-not, as the case may be. But if you are interested (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be interested) contact us and we’ll see what’s what. BE WARNED!!! SpiTune is not for the faint of heart. It’s original rock and roll with a not-quite-country twist. SpiTune’s originals are in turns ridiculous, reflective, angry and funny, with a heaping helping of adult content.

Fred Moore – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Mike Krimm – Bass
Dave Haviland – Drums, Vocals
Bill Fowler – Lead Guitar, Vocals


Levee Drivers show their teeth by dragging every rough edge and feral strain within their music from the outskirts to the surface. It’s a dizzying, lethal energy that surges like a storm, patiently building tension until finally boiling over and accelerating like a rush of blood to the head. Guided by the titanic vocals of frontman and songwriter August John Lutz II, the bands songs often unfold like individual scenes, with guitars, bass and drums forming a backbone that makes every escalating emotion feel urgent and believable. Filling the spaces between clean hands and all out demolition, there’s both a sensitivity and explosiveness to their sound that’s enough to convince even the most stubborn skeptics that the glory days of gritty rock and roll -born in dingy garages and grown in smoke filled bars- will never pass by completely. Although for anyone who’s ever seen Lutz, lead guitarist Kyle Perella, drummer Jeff Orlowski and bassist Jon Covert perform a live set on a dim, beer soaked stage, it won’t be any surprise that Levee Drivers finds themselves firmly in control of the fires they start and the smoke they leave behind.