Tempest celebrates their thirty years as a band with an exciting new album, “Thirty Little Turns”. Thirty years is a milestone for any band to reach. Yet, Tempest continues to bring their brand of electric folk and Celtic music to enthusiastic audiences. Tempest music is a vibrant, living and breathing demonstration of tales old and new.

Two songs bring us stories from the Jacobite Rebellion — the long, bloody attempt to return the British throne to the House Of Stuart. “Johnny Cope” is a based on a traditional Scottish song from the 1745 Rebellion, that tells of the British commander’s defeat at the hands of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Jacobite army near the end of the conflict. “Battle Of Aughrim” goes back to one of the bloodiest battles of the rebellion which brought about the end of Jacobitism in Ireland.

“Thirty Little Birds” celebrates the many fans and fortunes of Tempest throughout their thirty years together, name-checking many they have met and count as friends to this day.

“Trolldans” is ‘a zippy little Norwegian folk song celebrating the Summer Solstice’, sung in Lief’s native Norwegian tongue. While clips of “Norwegian Wood” have long been a live-humor staple during band introductions, at fifty years of age, it’s one of the newest of the old English standards written by a couple of school chums from Liverpool.

“Lahard Chase” is lively medley of three contemporary reels highlighting the haunting fiddle of Kathy Buys.
“A Toast” is inspired by Viking lore with haunting lyrics about the longing for adventure and the bitter-sweet memory of leaving loved ones behind to keep the home fires burning.
“High Germany” refers to the ‘The Thirty Years War’,’ a deadly collection of wars fought in Central Europe for reasons including religious, dynastic, territorial, and commercial rivalries. (1618-1648) The lovely tune at the end is the Brambleberry Reel written by Kathy.
“Madeline Jones” Fond memories of childhood summer visits with Patricia’s mother’s kith and kin. A contemporary lyrical tale set in the faraway and fabled land of Mississippi. “Dedicated to Granny Gert and dear Maddy, who told us stories and put vanilla behind her ears.”
“Swarb” is a medley of tunes dedicated to the memory of the late, great fiddler Dave Swarbrick (1941-2016). A wonderfully happy tribute by the entire band to this master musician whose work with Martin Carthy and Fairport Convention continues to influence fiddle players and folk musicians to this day. Two of the favorite fiddle tunes of Dave himself join neatly with a tune written by Lief in honor of Dave.
Hailing from Oslo, Norway, founding member and lead singer/electric mandolinist, Lief Sorbye, is recognized as a driving force in the modern folk-rock movement. He started Tempest after years of touring and recording on the folk circuit. San Francisco fiddler Kathy Buys brings her international award winning playing to the Tempest stage. Her experience performing world-fusion music with high energy dance bands combined with many years of playing Irish traditional music in America and Ireland makes her a perfect fit for Tempest. Driving in from the North Bay area is Josh Fossgreen, an exceptional musical talent whose innovative bass textures add a rich dimension to the Tempest soundscape. And Northern California’s own young Indian-American progressive guitarist, Ab Menon, skids to a flaming stop on the Tempest stage, replete with flying dreadlocks, dazzling string stylings and a sense of ticklish fun. Cuban-born drummer Adolfo Lazo, an original Tempest member, colors the band’s sound with inventive rhythms, and rock-steady drumming.


The Adventure Soundtrack is 4-piece original rock band based out of northern New Jersey.  This quartet captivates any audience with their unique songwriting style, extended improvisation sections, and progressive rock tendencies.  Picking from an endless archive of original material written by guitarist Josh (Bird In Flight, Chill Bill) and songwriter Dan (Jared Styles).  In 2007, bassist Robert Fulton (Maurice Selkirk) joined the ensemble along with drummer Jeanne (Tammy Fay Wray).  The final addition to complete this force of sonic pleasure is keyboardist Sean Faust.


Sonic Blenders is an innovative power trio playing an array of beloved rock covers and hook-laden original songs. With Fran Heidkamp on Guitar, Pete Dunphy on Drums and Gary Karlsrud on bass, this combination of seasoned players delivers a tight, grounded, and energetic sound. This unassuming group of regular guys gets up on stage and quickly takes over with their sound that fits like a glove.

The band plays its own style of what has been deemed Free Range Rock, with covers and re-makes of favorites from bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots, The Allman Brothers, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie. The trio’s approach is to pay tribute to the artist and the song, yet inject their own improvisation to make each performance something completely new. Their strong musical bearing guides their original songs, having a combination poetry, power and melody.


RAM is a drum-roots-driven powerhouse band from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. After 25 years of consistently producing quality music, we’re releasing our 6th album – the first in over a decade.

Ancient folkloric polyrhythms intertwine harmoniously with Punk Rock guitar riffs and swinging Caribbean keyboard melodies, led by the entrancing singer, Lunise, all combine for a truly magical experience on Thursdays at Hotel Oloffson – where RAM has consistently gigged for the last 25 years, as well as international concerts and festivals which include: the US, France, The UK, Mexico, and Brazil


From the Greater Philadelphia Area comes the TKM Band, an acoustic trio harmonizing to favorite songs from the 60s through today.

Born out of friendship, the trio’s chemistry, driving acoustic rhythm guitar, tasty electric riffs, and the occasional soaring harp solo, create an engaging musical tapestry.  Above it all, the blending of unique voices in rich three-part harmony defines the signature style of the TKM Band.

Playing multiple venues: bars, fundraisers and private parties, the TKM Band plays a mix of classic rock, indie, alternative, and pop that appeals to all ages.


Mister Revelator is a five piece modern jam band from Frenchtown NJ, who writes original music that stretches all across the genre board. Indie rock, prog rock, funk, psychedelic rock, reggae and blues are all directions you can expect this band to take you in at one of their shows.

The band forges their sound from the past, with a distinctive modern feel all their own. The band gets energized off their live improv jams and always looks to make the crowd feel apart of the moment. Some of their influences include Umphrey’s Mcgee, Gary Clark Jr. , the Meters, Allman Brothers band, Parliment Funkadelic, John Scofield, Jeff Beck and other various legend artists.

Mister Revelator has performed all across the tri-state area including Hard Rock cafe (Niagara Falls), Lake Placid blues festival, Bourbon street Blues festival (NJ), John & Peters (New Hope PA), Triumph brewing factory (New Hope PA), Stanhope House


Jared Mancuso’s brand of rock n’ roll is a combination of influences that vary in style but complement each other remarkably well. He has crafted his sound by taking subtle cues from the surf rock vibes and musical intricacies of The Beach Boys, the mid-century simplicity of Buddy Holly, with more sonically present influences derived from some of his modern musical role models: the catchy, easily hummable riffs of Weezer, the bluesy grittiness of Jack White, and the punchiness of The Black Keys. All of this crafts an original sound with welcome familiarity. Indie Band Guru wrote, “the melting pot of sounds has set the standard for the fun that rock n’ roll can be again.” (damn!)

Originally hailing from New Hope, PA, Mancuso created and performed with a handful of groups that covered a myriad of styles, ranging from jam rock to funk to pop to garage rock.  The most notable of these groups was The Jared Project, formed in 2013 with homonymous singing and songwriting partner Jared Bardugone. They released the first of two full length albums, The Battle Between Love and Fear, in the same year Mancuso released his first solo album, A Very Pleasant Person.

Post-TJP, Mancuso honed in on his personal sound to entirely write, record and release on his own his sophomore album, Superdope, in the fall of 2016 to much acclaim; Jamsphere Magazine called it “a damn near perfect album, top to bottom,“ while Middle Tennessee Music proclaimed, “If this doesn’t make you love rock and roll again, something is seriously wrong with you.” (double damn!)

Jared doesn’t just live on tape though. With his four piece live band, The Very Pleasant People, he has been rocking venues from Vermont to Massachusetts to NYC to Philly to DC to Virginia Beach and back. Additionally, he currently helms the mid-century rock icon national tribute group Not Fade Away: The Ultimate Buddy Holly Experience in which he performs the greatest hits of the artists that inspired his own style.