The Ardvark Felon

The Ardvark Felon is the anagram-derived alter ego of live music man Frank Velardo, composer, lead singer, guitar-slinger, and man in front of the band.  The band’s music is  spontaneous but polished, serious yet absurd.  They’re bluesy and funky in all the right ways, love playing for dancers, and know just when to turn things up with explosions of group improvisation and jamming.  See them around Philadelphia and beyond!

Whether they’re on a big stage playing their original compositions, or their playing blues or covers at your favorite brewery,  the positive atmosphere The Ardvark Felon creates is palpable.   The joy expressed in their performance as authentic as it gets, and it’s hard to not smile along.  Frank often gets compared to Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, Jim Henson and even Weird Al!

Sometimes people confuse their covers and originals.. haha

Drunken Prayer

Drunken Prayer transcends the bounds of Americana music. Morgan Geer writes songs that could emerge from a highly blissed-out biker bar or a swampy ashram.

For the last year Morgan Geer has been working from his home studio with Paul Oldham (Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Palace), building on drum tracks initially recorded in New Mexico at Empty House Studios, home of doom metal bands like OM and Sleep. The end result evokes an ominous acid Western feedback-and-driftwood aesthetic.

The latest Drunken Prayer releases have been 2019’s acclaimed LP Cordelia Elsewhere mixed by Mitch Easter (Let’s Active, REM) and the ambitious 17 minute long death-raga, Electric Daddyland from 2021.

Over the past two years, before the pandemic, Drunken Prayer played hundreds of shows across 18 countries and across the US at venues such as the Newport Folk Festival, Pickathon and San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall. Geer’s music has been featured on AMC, NPR, WFMU and SiriusXM.

On the side Geer is the lead guitar player for alt-country goths Freakwater and writes for different artists including the Brooklyn rock and soul phenom Bette Smith. Morgan has also been touring internationally, opening for and
often joining the eccentric Handsome Family.

Today Morgan splits time between Portland, OR and Asheville, NC.

Awen Family Band w/ Kevin Rovner

mily Band is a nationally touring world boogie collective founded by song-writer and coddie-wompler Tim Husk (formerly of Freeway Revival) in 2019 and has performed at numerous venues and festivals around the country featuring members of Toubab Krewe, Big Something, Dr. Bacon, The Kind Thieves, TUB, Reliably Bad, Self Help, Firewater Tent Revival, The Moon Unit, Mellow Swells, Custard Pie, Wigeon, FRUTE, Alo Ver, Boom Unit Brass Band, Rolling Dynamite, The Fundamentals, and many other acts. Every Awen Family Band show is a never before seen collaboration between musicians from other touring acts who understand that we are just moving the music and message from one plane to another “we don’t create the lesson, only move the message” (Song-Kiwi Beach). Blending roots music from around the globe such as Zydeco, Bluegrass, Afrobeat, Wassalou (West Africa), Old Time, Swing and Psychedelic Boogie topped with lyrics spreading the message for all who seek to hear. From our table to yours, we invite you to join us in celebrating music, life and each other!

~Building Community, Expanding Circles and Spreading Love~



The Northeast Organic Farming Association is a non-profit organization of over 5,000 farmers, gardeners, landscape professionals and consumers working to promote healthy food, organic farming practices and a cleaner environment.

In memory of our good friend Farmer Dan Rovensky. All donations will be in his name to NOFA.