Levee Drivers show their teeth by dragging every rough edge and feral strain within their music from the outskirts to the surface. It’s a dizzying, lethal energy that surges like a storm, patiently building tension until finally boiling over and accelerating like a rush of blood to the head. Guided by the titanic vocals of frontman and songwriter August John Lutz II, the bands songs often unfold like individual scenes, with guitars, bass and drums forming a backbone that makes every escalating emotion feel urgent and believable. Filling the spaces between clean hands and all out demolition, there’s both a sensitivity and explosiveness to their sound that’s enough to convince even the most stubborn skeptics that the glory days of gritty rock and roll -born in dingy garages and grown in smoke filled bars- will never pass by completely. Although for anyone who’s ever seen Lutz, lead guitarist Kyle Perella, drummer Jeff Orlowski and bassist Jon Covert perform a live set on a dim, beer soaked stage, it won’t be any surprise that Levee Drivers finds themselves firmly in control of the fires they start and the smoke they leave behind.


Pierce Edens:
Over the last ten years, Pierce Edens has been drawing on his Appalachian songwriting roots and blending them with the grungy rock and roll sounds that took him in his teenage years. The result is a haunting and fiery mixture that is notoriously hard to pin down. Allmusic.com classifies Edens as both “Folk-Rock” and “psychedelic-grunge,” and No Depression writer Bill Kopp says “[He] could just as easily- and accurately- be tagged with the singer/songwriter label; He’s a gritty troubadour who takes what he needs from each style, blending and bending it to suit the needs of his songs.”

Matthew Fowler:
Florida-based artist, Matthew Fowler, is the perfect storm of all the essential singer-songwriter elements: a flawlessly raw yet organic voice, intricate melodies, compelling musicianship, and an overwhelmingly rich and rootsy sound.


Trisha Dasch is “That Girl.” A member of local favorite band “Atomic Age”, she brings her one woman show to our stage. Her whimsically jaded view of the world allows for an almost perfect marriage of entrancing melodies with flying daggers. She is that girl you don’t want to mess with. She is that girl you cant get enough of…Afterall, she is “That Girl.”


No More Fences is a Bucks County-based band doing classic rock with some twists and turns, including 3-part harmonies, and some stuff you might have heard on late ‘60s AM radio.
Featuring Bob Goodwin on acoustic guitar and vocals, Joe Fiorello lead guitar/vocals, Tom Argentieri on keyboard, flute, harmonica, guitar, and vocals, Ed Korytowski on drums, and Tom McNevin on bass, mandolin, and vocals.