Peter Sandler & Dan Kassel

 Peter Sandler writes music to connect, heal, and inspire. 
While Peter struggles to describe his own music, he once heard a friend describe his music as sounding “as if Frank Sinatra played folk”. Whether or not that was accurate, Peter was flattered.
Though Peter’s influences range across many genres, his primary influences include Radiohead, Nick Drake, The Beatles, Elliot Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Frank Sinatra, and Charles Aznavour.
Peter started playing piano and singing at the age of five in a suburban town in New Jersey. Growing up, he played lead roles in his school’s musical theater performances and professionally performed in the Paper Mill Playhouse production of The King and I. 
In his early teens, Peter took up the guitar and began writing music for his rock band, The Clovis People. They considered themselves a big deal on MySpace.
Peter went on to study Music Industry at Northeastern University and performed in various ensembles and bands. 
Currently based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Peter is writing, performing, and recording his original music- faithfully listening to the distant place from where the wind blows.