The Wag, The Successful Failures, Tom Maroon

| 9 PM

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The Wag, The Successful Failures, Tom Maroon

Got songs?  Got harmonies?  Got fun and unbridled enthusiasm? Then you’ve got The Wag!  Hailing from the Bayshore area of New Jersey, this 4-piece unit has been entertaining and moving audiences for 25 years but still sounds as fresh as it did on day one!  With 4 alternating lead vocalists, catchy melodies, and sophisticated harmonies, they will take you on a journey of pop rock delight!

The evolution of The Wag’s songwriting is evident on their latest recording, We Carry On. This full length release shows emotional maturity from a band that has several releases to their credit.

This upbeat high energy band are seasoned professionals.  Whether performing in local establishments or opening for national acts such as Jason Mraz, Rick Springfield, Gavin DeGraw, Phillip Phillips, John Cafferty, Peter Tork, and Jefferson Starship, you’re always guaranteed a ‘Class A’ performance filled with catchy melodies, beautiful harmonies, and exciting showmanship. The Wag has a monthly residence at The Coffee House in Edison, NJ, and has taken part in regional and international tours, including England, Canada, and Japan.  The Wag has also added an acoustic set to their repertoire, further diversifying their sound and allowing them to reach a larger audience.

The Wag performs some of the catchiest original songs around, and also has an extensive list of cover songs and are available for any type of situation, whether it be coffee house, private parties, house concerts, or theater shows. Whatever the event, if you want a fun, exciting, family-friendly band, then you want The Wag!

Brian Ostering – Bass and vocals

Alicia Van Sant – Keyboards, vocals, percussion, some flute, occasional guitar

Don Lee – Guitar and vocals
Don has been performing with The Wag since November of 2012. Please check out his solo career here.

Joshua Van Ness – Drums, percussion, guitar and vocals
Joshua has been performing with The Wag since August of 2015.  Please check out his solo career here.


Supporting Musicians:

Arielle Strauss – Bongos
Ralph Capasso – Saxophone, drums and percussion
Michael Brett 
– Guitar and vocals
Erez Lirov – Trumpet
Joe Lisa – Violin
Ken Masson
 – Drums and percussion

Former Member: Dan Corboy – Guitar and vocals