Abstract Artimus*Gourd*The Transmission Now

Abstract Artimus is an American music composer and performer from Alabama currently living in Brooklyn, NY.  His high energy shows and memorable guitar riffs have earned a reputation after years of touring in support of several full length releases.  In his youth his father was the drummer for the Jimmie Van Zant Band (cousin of Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd) which allowed Artimus to mature around some of the most prolific Southern Rock musicians of all time.  His formative years consisted of an array of show scenarios varying from living room hurricane parties to a gig at The University of Alabama in which the crowd of students destroyed the room during the bands set.  Artimus was accused of inciting a riot and thrown off campus.  Since then he has toured extensively in Europe, North and South America and has played shows with Gwar, The Dictators, Cheetah Chrome, Eyehategod, Scott Ian’s Motor Sister and many more.  In 2015 he released ‘The City Arrives’ on the largest independent record label in Spain, Subterfuge Records.  He most recently released “Methuselah’s Rhyme” featuring legendary bassist J.D. Pinkus from Butthole Surfers and Melvins.

June Star

June Star was formed in 1998 by singer/songwriter Andrew Grimm. Since then, they have put out 16 records, toured a good bit of the U.S., and have gone into debt. There have been many members of June Star; the current line up is: Andrew Grimm, Dave Hadley, and Mike Kuhl.