The Great Rock N Roll Time Machine

| 9 PM

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The Great Rock N Roll Time Machine

In October of 2006, they saw each other across the crowded aisles of an Alice Cooper show. Since then, Dave and Sarah Lister have built a loving relationship on shared influences that combine music and comedy.

Their mutual love for the bands of classic rock, along with their love for cheesy comedy, bonded them quickly as a couple.

In 2007, Dave found himself in the hot seat as the new guitar player for legendary hair metal band Pretty Boy Floyd. Pretty Boy Floyd was among the last bands who rode out the end of the glory days of 80s rock and roll. They enjoyed moderate success on MTV with such hits as “Rock and Roll (Is Gonna Set the Night on Fire)”, and “I Wanna Be with You”. Pretty Boy Floyd brought Dave and Sarah briefly to Los Angeles.

After Dave’s tenure in Pretty Boy Floyd was over, he returned to his native New Jersey with Sarah to start a new project: paying tribute to the gods of stadium rock, which he envisioned as “Beatlemania” meets “Rock of Ages on Broadway”. He enlisted Jersey Shore session bassist Chris Brown (aka Kriss Kaboom) to help him begin his rock and roll odyssey.

Through the years the band has paid their dues in the bar scene, gone through many changes in members, personnel, and vision, but the years of blood, sweat and tears paid off, and now, a group of talented musicians are helping Dave and Sarah to bring the show to life.

Now that they are bringing their show, The Great Rock ‘N Roll Time Machine to theaters, and performing arts centers, they wanted to combine their love of music and comedy into a show that they’ve always wanted to see: a show that would appeal to classic rock fans of every age, which pays respectful tribute to the genre, but never, ever takes itself too seriously.