Spitune Reunion

| 9 PM

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Spitune Reunion

SpiTune is a group of overaged children playing their own twisted brand of Rock and Roll and Americana (whatever the @*& THAT is), consisting of an assortment of originally twisted songs written by a bunch of guys who are definitely old enough to know better.

SpiTune is available for gigs in the Greater Philadelphia market. Also, in the Not-So-Greater Philadelphia market. Including but not limited to New Jersey, New York and New England. I mean, it’d have to pay pretty well to get us to drive too far. Plus, we’d need time to notify certain authorities and make arrangements and what-not, as the case may be. But if you are interested (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be interested) contact us and we’ll see what’s what. BE WARNED!!! SpiTune is not for the faint of heart. It’s original rock and roll with a not-quite-country twist. SpiTune’s originals are in turns ridiculous, reflective, angry and funny, with a heaping helping of adult content.

Fred Moore – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Mike Krimm – Bass
Dave Haviland – Drums, Vocals
Bill Fowler – Lead Guitar, Vocals