RedRover Holiday Revue 2018

| 9:30pm

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RedRover Holiday Revue 2018

RedRover Revue returns for a final 2018 show at New Hope’s historic John & Peter’s.

2018 has been a year of extremes. From dizzying lows to hopeful highs; frightful reality to fantastic possibility; lovely beginnings and unavoidable finales.

So join the RedRover crew at J&Ps as we start the path towards the end of 2018’s road and the beginning of 2019’s journey. Where will it end? How will it begin? Who can say?

But RedRover & J&Ps are pleased as punch in a punchbowl to have these fine performers joining us on December 1st to find out!

Minx Arcana!
Fem Appeal!
Greta Grenade!
Qualms Galore!
Magdalena Fox!
That AggrEscheN person!

Doors open at 9, cover is $10, show starts at 9:30, and the dance party commences after the show whenever that might be!

Be seeing you, comrades!