DOOR | 9:30 PM

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Ammunition is a high-energy hard rock band that unapologetically combines searing guitar solos and gravelly vocals with heavy grooves to deliver the firepower missing from this generation’s music.

After years of refining their sound through their thundering live performance, Ammunition releases their long-awaited self-titled debut album. Fronted by their charismatic vocalist Spencer Johnson, Ammunition draws on a wide range of musical influences to deliver a ten-song steamroller of an album. The band, rounded out by lead guitarist Stefan Bogner, bassist Rick Anthes, and drummer Peter Palilonis, brings together the relentless onslaught of timeless acts like Motorhead and pairs it with the raw, unpolished sound reminiscent of early 1990s rock bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots.

Johnson’s gravelly vocals provide the prime compliment to the grit and groove supplied by the drum and bass duo of Palilonis and Anthes, as heard on songs like “Kill the Head” and “Top Me Off”. Bogner’s reputation as a riffmaster is only overshadowed by his ability to effortlessly layer blistering solos over tracks like “Pleasure Slug” and “Thunder Thief”. Songs like “Blood City” and “Toll Due” highlight the band’s ability to diversify their songwriting while maintaining their sinister sound, bubbling just beneath the surface.

Guests on the album include the backing vocals of Nick Oliveri on “Kill the Head”, Carol Brooks on “Blood City” and the lead guitar services of Mickey Melchiondo (aka Dean Ween) on the album’s epic finale, “Toll Due”.