| 9:30 PM

Artist Info


COWBELL SUPERSTAR is a new and exciting band carrying the torch of 70’s glam with a fresh slant. There’s a touch of good ole punk and metal sprinkled in there too.
The songs were written by me (Timm) before getting the band together. I wanted them to be played by fun people who were also great musicians.
We’ve worked up a set of catchy rockers that at times are darkly funny and don’t go on long enough to be boring.
We all agreed the show was as important as the music-a stage spectacle was necessary. It’s important to us that the audience go home smiling and feeling thoroughly entertained.

COWBELL SUPERSTAR is Denny Gracey on lead and rhythm guitar, background vocals and antics, Grant Morrison on drums, Vivian Pacheco on bass, backing vocals and infectious smiles, and  Timm Mulhern lead vocals and guitar.