| 9:30 PM

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The Sonic Blenders started as three hired guns backing up an established R&B singer in Bergen County NJ. Their formidable musicianship soon became the feature that was driving a following. The sound was always defined by Fran Heidkamp’s melodic guitar, Pete Dunphy’s solid drums, and Gary Karlsrud’s powerful bass.

While continuing to back up other artists, they struck out on their own to do original songs in their first power trio called Fashion Heros. That effort resulted in an album of innovative songs and led to gigs at The Continental, The China Club, CBGB’s, The Bitter End, and Kenny’s Castaways.

Lives changed and paths diverged. Following a 3 year hiatus, Fran and Gary reunited as a duo using samples for drums and arrangements. A year later Pete surfaced and joined Fran and Gary to become the Sonic Blenders. After a year of working the sample-based concept, the band returned to their roots to play soulful rock defined by open jams and improvisation. The result is a sound that fits like a glove from the moment they start playing.