Dinosaur Eyelids w/Sunglass

| 9 PM

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Dinosaur Eyelids w/Sunglass

“Many groups have claimed to be rock and roll, and while they undoubtedly were, very few can exemplify the scene’s various monumental sounds successfully in one album. This New Brunswick, New Jersey-based band has set the bar high for themselves, but with a raw talent like theirs, blowing away expectations seems like something they’re used to.” – Dean Scordilis, The Aquarian Weekly 

“Dinosaur Eyelids, a propulsive outfit blending hard-rock, punk and psychedelia is one of the New Brunswick local scene’s strongest acts.” -Bobby Olivier, NJ.com

“Through fuzzed out guitars, grunge rock inspired elements, and a bit of 70’s Rock swagger, Dinosaur Eyelids will have you rushing the stage to get a piece or to offer a pitcher or two after their set. While Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Fu Manchu and local heroes Mr. Payday each come to mind, all comparisons aside, it’s quite evident that D.E. are on their own trip.” – JerseyBeat.com

“You guys are great.”
-Dean Ween