The Ardvark Felon

| 9 PM

Artist Info

The Ardvark Felon

The Ardvark Felon is the anagram-derived alter ego of live music man Frank Velardo, composer, lead singer, guitar-slinger, and man in front of the band.  The band’s music is  spontaneous but polished, serious yet absurd.  They’re bluesy and funky in all the right ways, love playing for dancers, and know just when to turn things up with explosions of group improvisation and jamming.  See them around Philadelphia and beyond!

Whether they’re on a big stage playing their original compositions, or their playing blues or covers at your favorite brewery,  the positive atmosphere The Ardvark Felon creates is palpable.   The joy expressed in their performance as authentic as it gets, and it’s hard to not smile along.  Frank often gets compared to Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, Jim Henson and even Weird Al!

Sometimes people confuse their covers and originals.. haha