Pop Punk Throwbacks IV

| 9:30pm

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Pop Punk Throwbacks IV

(Matt, Will, Dallas and myself) have decided to fire up the band and honor the 90’s-00’s pop rock movement once again. Come geek out while we blast tunes by The Offspring, Goldfinger, Blink 182, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, Eve 6, Foo Fighters, Saves the Day AND, we’ve also microwaved some oldies into distorted TRL, Napster/Kazaa/Limewire magic as well. LIVE @ New Hope Square Garden, the legendary John and Peters 96 Main Street, New Hope Pa. We’ve doubled our setlist! Do not miss this gig!

Come join us, the last one was packed! So get there early, John and Peters has slammin’ food and a great staff.