| 9:30 PM

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Sonic Blenders is an innovative power trio playing an array of beloved rock covers and hook-laden original songs. With Fran Heidkamp on Guitar, Pete Dunphy on Drums and Gary Karlsrud on bass, this combination of seasoned players delivers a tight, grounded, and energetic sound. This unassuming group of regular guys gets up on stage and quickly takes over with their sound that fits like a glove.

The band plays its own style of what has been deemed Free Range Rock, with covers and re-makes of favorites from bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Stone Temple Pilots, The Allman Brothers, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie. The trio’s approach is to pay tribute to the artist and the song, yet inject their own improvisation to make each performance something completely new. Their strong musical bearing guides their original songs, having a combination poetry, power and melody.