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Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Trio of Madness.
Liz Gonzalez, Nick Charles, and Mike Wojik.
Original, progressive instrumental surf weirdness.
Some factoids….
Formed in 1993, Trio is currently booking their “20 years???, Get Us Off This Planet!” tour.
Their use of odd time signatures and strange chords have been known to cause strippers to have headaches.
It was once stated by Nikola Tesla that “Trio Of Madness will be my favourite band in the future”.
Bruce Springsteen once said about Trio; “Who’s that?”
Trio was once banned from the Court Tavern for excessive smoke from a malfunctioning fog machine.
Trio is still the biggest selling band in the Pleiades.
One of the band members helped build Stonehenge.
The band originally had a lead singer, who disappeared mysteriously in 1993, and hasn’t been seen since.
Trio Of Madness t-shirts were found on Mars by the Mars Rovers.
One member of the band hid his true identity by playing in hair-metal bands in the 80’s.
All three members speak fluent Vulcan.
The band wrote the rhythm for their song “Deadly Fumes” by rolling a drumset down a spiral staircase.
And in a bizarre twist, every victim of Alien Abduction has subsequently become a Trio fan.
Go figure…