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THE REAL FUGITIVES, an original rock n’ roll band from the Philadelphia area, is made up of a group of like minded musicians with diverse and varied expertise, gained through many years of live and studio performance. The band has one major purpose: To bring positive and powerful energy to every performance that will pull the audience into the heart of the show, and to make everyone present part of THE REAL FUGITIVES experience!

The Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist is LARRY FELDMAN. He is also the band’s founder and songwriter. Larry’s convincingly soulful vocal style and delivery add to the unique and original sound of the band. His driving guitar style and sound help to propel performances to incredible levels of excitement. His stage presence is always commanding and compelling.

Laying down the Bass riffs that form the band’s solid, unbreakable foundation is LARRY BEANER, whose instrumental prowess is only surpassed by his unique style and creativity. To hear his bass riffs is to take an amazing journey to unexpected musical destinations. To see him live is to witness pure passion and unbridled energy.

DAVE KENNEDY provides a straight ahead, dynamic drumming style that contributes the finishing touches to the band’s foundation. He also adds additional percussive flavorings to the songs, as well as backing vocals. Having played in several bands with Larry Beaner prior to their REAL FUGITIVES Experience, they combine forces to deliver a one-two punch that never fails to impress.

EL FAIRWORTH is the band’s Lead Guitarist extraordinaire, whose style is reminiscent of the great guitarists of 60’s and 70’s rock n’ roll. His style is tight and steady when contributing to the band’s rhythmic foundation. When he steps up to play lead, the result is nothing short of thunder and lightning. His confidence is evident in his seemingly effortless performances, as his many years on stage come to fruition with each show. Along with Dave, he helps to provide the band’s signature backing vocal style and sound.

SAM MURRAY, a truly powerful and versatile musician, is the band’s resident Sax player. Coming from a solid background of jazz and improvisational music performances and collaborations with many well known musicians, he is equally adept at delivering extra muscle and additional versatility to the band’s rock n’ roll presentations.

Always in command, THE REAL FUGITIVES deliver dynamic and unforgettable performances, whether it be through live or studio presentation. With a well-balanced blend of original and carefully selected cover tunes, this group of musicians is able to connect with any audience that craves Classic Rock n’ Roll. Listen for yourself, or better yet, come to a live performance. Become part of THE REAL FUGITIVES Experience!