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BROTHER EYE was discovered playing in a Philly basement by Steve Garvey, bassist for the legendary Buzzcocks. The band signed to power-pop label Big Deal, and made three studio records with producer Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips/Weezer) that crystallized BROTHER EYE’s unique blend of melodic crunch, future-rock atmospherics, and pop song craft.

The Philadelphia Inquirer said that BROTHER EYE “will hook you with catchy tunes and compellingly weird visions.” Option Magazine called BROTHER EYE a “stripped down, garage-band version of The Cure.” Rolling Stone’s Jason Cohen and Michael Krugman once pegged them as “The Coolest Band in America.” BROTHER EYE’s most recent record, 2011’s Emotional Fingers, was named by Austin City Limits’ Michael Toland as one of the year’s best.

BROTHER EYE is pleased to announce the release of their long-awaited 5th album, 5IVE. It’s a collection of thirteen dynamic and diverse songs – shot through with small-town heartache and hope – that continues in the guitar-rock tradition of bands like Cheap Trick, Television, and Big Star. From the defiant opening track “Dividing Lines” to the bittersweet closer “Tonight,” the new record is a throwback to the kind of cohesive album that bands used to make, and at the same time a genuine document of a forward-looking group at the peak of their powers. Standout tracks include the goth/glam stomp of “Anasthesia,” the 60’s mod swing of “Big Sister,” and the exuberant first single “Superlove.” With 5IVE, indie-rock vets BROTHER EYE have turned in what may be their finest effort to date. Excelsior!